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What a privilege it is to tell a story; to speak the truth and to paint that which can be felt most deeply through the spoken word. So too should design tell a story. In the words of Alan Garner, “At this level, only images connect. Here, story becomes symbol; symbol is myth, and myth is truth.” Allow us to tell you a story; A story of a Vibrant Medora. A gem so named from that of the heart of its patron, and prize gifted to the people of Dakota. One with a spirit so winning as to transcend place and politics, and to forge a united family, of friends. A story of Western Heritage. One in which the stalwart land exudes the fortitude of its sowers. One whose vigor, whose beauty, whose spirit, whose fire was lit by the time spent in the saddle of a horse. One whose fire coursed through the veins of man and tamed the kindred tale of the wild west. A story of World Class Outdoors. Of “Mystery, of melancholy, and of charm”. A land of sky and wind, and a haven for man of wander, and of wonder in a place where the heavens reach down towards earth. A story for the Legacy of Bully Pulpit. A legacy of honor, of effort, of kinship, and of passion. I’ll leave you with a quote from the person that made it possible for us to gather today, Mr. Harold Schafer… “ [Our] obligation today is to see that Medora’s greatness can be carried on after [our] lifetime, and that its future can be even better than the past.”

On behalf of Kristi Hanson and her NDSU 4th year architecture students, we truly believe that it can be.

This video captures a vision for the Medora of a future. Within it, awaits the adventure of what the region, its life, and its history have to offer as the town continues to progress. It is a representation of Medora through the eyes of Theodore Roosevelt. A place once seen that is unable to be forgotten, nor described.

We are honored to be, for a moment, a part of Medora’s history; something that started long before us and will continue long after us. This book captures a vision for Medora and paints a picture for the continuation of its story and preserve it for the future.

These images enhance a vision. They allow us to magnify a potential and show how the pieces of a story have come together.

Medora 2022

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West Heritage

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Vibrant Medora

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Bully Canyon